DBO Investments

DBO Investments is a full service Cannabis Management Company which manages and develops companies throughout the "seed to sale" supply chain.

The Cannabis Supply Chain

We are a full service management company handling the entire cannabis supply chain.

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    Step 1. Cultivation

    DBO has gathered a group of artisan marijuana cultivators whose experience and talent allows them to grow the highest quality cannabis products in the industry. Along with their award-winning 1130 Artisans line, DBO's cultivation team has utilized hand-crafted techniques and premium blends to develop unique strains that are carried in dispensaries all over California.

    DBO sites designated for Cultivation include:

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    Step 2. Manufacturing

    As the cannabis industry explodes with new products, manufacturers are clamoring for cannabis extracts to create tinctures, edibles and concentrates, among other things. To meet this demand, DBO has partnered with cutting-edge technology companies to develop one of the industry's highest-rated manufacturing facilities which utilizes source materials extensively tested for purity.

    DBO sites designated for Manufacturing include:

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    Step 3. Distribution

    California state law currently requires that all cannabis-related products transferred from a manufacturer or cultivator to a retail store be carried by a licensed distributor. In order to provide the best quality service, lowest price and most assured safety, DBO has obtained several distribution licenses that allow it to provide these critical links in the chain of commerce.

    DBO sites designated for Distribution include:

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    Step 4. Retail Sales

    DBO's crown jewel, From the Earth, is an award-winning retail dispensary located in Santa Ana, CA. Far removed from the "head shops" and dingy stores of the past, From the Earth is a luxury 5,000sf facility featuring 1,000's of products in a lavish and well-appointed environment. All of DBO's proposed dispensaries will use From the Earth’s style and sensibility to create upscale facilities designed for the most discriminating customer.

    DBO sites designated for Retail Sales include:

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    Step 5. Delivery

    With the onset of adult use laws in California, DBO’s quality cannabis products can now be delivered right to your door. In order to provide this convenient service, each of DBO’s retail establishments carry delivery licenses authorized by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.

    DBO sites designated for Delivery include: